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News: A Military Paralegal Supports the Implementation of Military Justice in Afghanistan

The concept of a legal office is relatively new to the Afghan military.

In Kandahar, a military paralegal, Sgt. Terry Beasley, who is part of the 451st Air Expeditionary Wing legal team, is helping the Afghan air force leadership and the Afghan legal office implement military justice and hold Afghan service members accountable to military standards.

This mentoring program includes working with Afghan Colonel Saaid Ahmad, who is the principal legal advisor to the Afghan commander of the Kandahar Air Wing, and his paralegal.

The goal of the program is to implement non-judicial punishment to hold Afghan troops accountable, from verbal and written counselling all the way up to court martial.

According to Beasley, this experience is both challenging and rewarding. One challenge is the language barrier and getting used to using an interpreter to communicate. Patience is also a must as it can take sometimes weeks to accomplish a routine task.