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Video: 5 Body Language Mistakes That Can Cost the Job

You have sent in a perfect resume and flawless cover letter listing all your paralegal credentials. You have been invited to an interview. You have researched the firm and have prepared brilliant responses to all tough interview questions you could think of. Then, the interview went well, but still you were not selected.

Thinking about these 5 body language factors brings to mind that, in a job interview, it's likely that your body language will have more of an impact on the interviewer than anything you say.

From Yahoo! Daily Ticker:

If you are lucky enough to be called for an interview, "the first impression is absolutely critical," says Dan Burns, career expert and author of The First 60 Seconds: Win The Job Interview Before It Begins. "In many cases the decision to hire a person is made within that first 60 seconds of the time they meet."

The key to a successful job interview, says Burns, is confidence, which comes from proper preparation for the meeting.

The 5 Mistakes discussed in the video are:

  1. No Body Language At All
  2. Not Projecting A Professional "Look"
  3. An Ineffective Greeting
  4. Conveying Anything But Pure CONFIDENCE
  5. Being Distracted in ANY Way