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Blog: Why I Love My Job

Someone who wished to stay anonymous stated that my blog presented the not-so-pretty side of being a paralegal. As I look back through my posts, I suppose that’s true to some extent. Perhaps it’s about time for me to talk about why I love my job so much.


While there are stupid people everywhere, I get to work with brilliant individuals- lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, and marketing and HR folks. Working in a law firm, by the nature of the profession, puts you in contact with smart, bright people. Enjoy it. Pick their brains. Have conversations with them. You’re lucky.


I get to help people in very real ways. The ability to be part of a team that helps other people through the harrowing legal process is a blessing. Telling a client that the court battle is finally over and having them thank you profusely for your help is incredibly uplifting. Providing assistance to your clients is often why you get dressed and come to work everyday.


Our profession allows us (almost infinite) ways to learn and grow. There are so many areas of the law we can pursue. Tired of doing medical malpractice work? Move on to commercial litigation! Learning is one of my passions, and I’m so glad that I found a job (and a firm) that allows me branch out.

In the end…

Paralegals, tell me what you love about our profession. Let’s crowdsource this!

By Haley Odom. First published on Haley’s Law Blog on Nov. 11, 2011.

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