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Barbara Haubrich-Hass, ACP/CAS

Barbara Haubrich-Hass, ACP/CAS, is an Administrative Legal Assistant with the law firm of Chain | Cohn | Stiles in Bakersfield, California.

She began her legal career in 1980 working for civil defense attorneys in the area. Since 1995, Barbara has worked for David Cohn, Managing Senior Partner of Chain | Cohn | Stiles. Barbara is Mr. Cohn’s senior legal assistant and administrator of his multi-million dollar personal injury practice.

Additionally, Barbara is the creator and author of The California Litigator, a website that is designed to provide resources and facilitate discussions relating to California state civil litigation. The California Litigator includes a bi-weekly e-zine on all topics relating to civil litigation.

Barbara is also the owner and creator of Deadline Direct, a downloadable deadline calculating application. Deadline Direct calculates deadlines with a notes field for specific tasks, and syncs the information to Microsoft Outlook as either a task, calendar event, or e-mail.

Finally, Barbara is an adjunct instructor at California State University, Bakersfield teaching personal injury law for the Attorney Assistant Program. She lectures on different topics of civil litigation. Starting in 2011, her services will be available as a litigation support consultant.