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The Legaco Express for Paralegals
Issue 4, Vol. 1, August 2011
It is the undisputed economic powerhouse of Africa. While some describe the city as a cruel urbanized jungle, residents defend it fiercely as a city with a restless spirit, where the real roots of South Africa can be found.
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Some companies go as far as establishing a detailed dress code for their employees describing what it is appropriate to wear, how much clothes can reveal, and listing specific days that can be declared casual dress days.
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  • Has the the number of projects and cases in your portfolio involving at least one other language than English increased in the last three years? Respond here.
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Can the law successfully protect both the rights of individuals and the rights of the community, and if so, how and why? These are some of the fundamental questions inherent to law and justice.
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Legal dictionaries can provide guidance as to what a term or phrase can mean and are sometimes seen as “the last resort of the baffled judge.” Check your knowledge in this entertaining quiz.
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