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News: Paralegals Volunteering on Election Day

For thousands of legal professionals across the country, Election Day means a great opportunity to use their legal expertise to benefit society as a whole by volunteering to ensure orderly voting.

News: How to Win a Lawsuit for Overtime Pay

A few days ago, another interesting ruling regarding overtime pay addressing the question of who can be considered an exempt professional was published.

Adina Kadden,a law school graduate who had been hired as a $75,000-a-year litigation graphics consultant, brought a lawsuit against her former employer Visualex (a company that provides graphics and trial support services to law firms in connection with large litigations) pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) to recover unpaid over time.

News: Paralegal Blows Whistle on Boss Who Then Is Suspended

A paralegal who had once worked for an Iowa attorney decided to blow the whistle on her former boss, filing a disciplinary complaint that resulted in a one-month license suspension for the attorney.

The complaint filed by the paralegal - who had worked for the lawyer for 5 years - alleged that her former boss engaged in a number of improper business activities, including improper handling of client retainers.

News : Use of Facebook "Friend" Request Spells Ethics Trouble for Paralegal

A New-Jersey law firm is facing ethics charges for using Facebook in an inimical and potentially unethical fashion.

Two lawyers allegedly instructed a paralegal to "friend" a personal injury plaintiff so that they could view information on his Facebook page that was not otherwise publicly available.

The ethical issues emerged during a deposition, when one of the lawyers involved asked very specific questions about the plaintiff that raised suspicions.

News: The alternative legal services provider Axiom is opening offices in India and Singapore

Should we all move to Asia?

The legal outsourcing company Axiom is set to launch offices in India and Singapore, just five months after it opened one in Belfast.

In a statement, Axiom COO Paul Carr, said:

“Many of our clients have made significant investments in the Asian marketplace. As such, they need a partner who can help them navigate the unique legal complexities that accompany multi-jurisdictional growth."

Video: Paralegal Gets Birthday Surprise from the President

A birthday surprise for a paralegal who went to work for the Democratic National Convention Committee earlier this year and whose duties included notarizing the nomination acceptance documents.

News : Law Firm Revenues & Profits Dropping, Layoffs Ahead (video)

The numbers aren't promising: Law firm expenses grew faster than revenue during the first half of 2012 according to the latest survey by Citi Private Bank.

This study also revealed that transactional work is currently slower than litigation. While the pace of litigation hast often offset a slow deal market in the past, it now seems that corporate clients are in a stronger bargaining position, pressuring their law firms into discount for litigation work.

News: Success of Paralegal Regulation Highlighted in Report

Press release published by Law Society of Upper Canada

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Jun 28, 2012- The success of paralegal regulation, beginning in 2007, is the focal point of a five-year report presented by the Law Society of Upper Canada to Attorney General John Gerretsen today at Convocation. A requirement under the Law Society Act, the report shows that paralegals and the public have both benefited from regulation.

Newsletter: The Best of Volume 1 Now Available on Kindle

—— The New Legaco Express Book ——
Proud announcement: responding to popular demand (thank you!), the best articles of Volume 1 of the newsletter are now available on Amazon Kindle!

The purpose of the Kindle book is to make it the most convenient possible for you to take the Legaco Express with you on vacation (I have been told, it is best read on a sunny beach!) or business trips and to keep the best articles forever in an organized and handy way.

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News: A New Survey Studies Career Trends for Paralegals

A new survey by Abelson Legal Search, assessing job satisfaction, backgrounds, and experiences of more than 1,300 paralegals, has just been published in The Legal Intelligencer.

Below, we have compiled some of the most significant results.