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Practical Tips

Video: 5 Body Language Mistakes That Can Cost the Job

You have sent in a perfect resume and flawless cover letter listing all your paralegal credentials. You have been invited to an interview. You have researched the firm and have prepared brilliant responses to all tough interview questions you could think of. Then, the interview went well, but still you were not selected.

Thinking about these 5 body language factors brings to mind that, in a job interview, it's likely that your body language will have more of an impact on the interviewer than anything you say.

New Technology Series: The Top iPad Apps for Paralegals

The iPad serves as a media consumption device that can be used to store and organize digital documents, photographs, video files, and sound files. Also, unlike a desktop or laptop computer that requires constant scrolling on the screen to read a document, the iPad provides a comfortable full-page display. In addition, the iPad is an "instant-on" device and there is no annoying boot-up time to suffer through.

Practice Tip: The New Ethics Rules and You! (ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20)

This month, long awaited revisions to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct were approved. These rule revisions are the result of years of study by the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20, whose task was to evaluate the Model Rules and attorney regulation in light of the far-reaching changes technology has brought to the practice of law.

The revisions to the rules and comments all reflect an understanding of the much greater reliance on technology, electronic communication and electronically stored information in today’s law practice.

Here are the highlights.

New Technology Series: Be Part of the Steamroller - Not Part of the Road

Let’s place this in perspective, shall we? Forty years ago, the most advanced piece of technology in a law office — or heck, most any office — was an electric typewriter.  Is that an indicator about the advancement of technology today? We can buy the latest, greatest, newest technology on Monday - only to find out there is hotter, newer technology on Friday. It’s a New Era Folks! It’s the Digital Era - so as Paralegals, it is imperative that we get aboard and stay aboard the Technology Train! To stay up-to-date, we have to be diligent in our efforts.

Blog: Electronic Briefs: Hyperlinking Your Way to A Positive Outcome

A few months ago, one of my attorney clients called on his way home from a hearing to discuss the briefing schedule the judge had outlined for our case.  The judge had also clearly indicated his preference for electronic briefs with hyperlinks to the cited legal authorities.  I docketed the briefing deadline and began to research the additional steps required to provide the judge exactly what he wanted.

Newsletter: The Best of Volume 1 Now Available on Kindle

—— The New Legaco Express Book ——
Proud announcement: responding to popular demand (thank you!), the best articles of Volume 1 of the newsletter are now available on Amazon Kindle!

The purpose of the Kindle book is to make it the most convenient possible for you to take the Legaco Express with you on vacation (I have been told, it is best read on a sunny beach!) or business trips and to keep the best articles forever in an organized and handy way.

Tips and Advice on How to Advance Your Paralegal Career - Volume 1 (The Legaco Express for Paralegals)

UPDATE: Already in the top 5 of Amazon's Top 100 Best Sellers in Paralegals & Paralegalism!

Practical Tip: What’s the “Meta” with You?

Have you recently sent an email to opposing counsel or electronically filed a document with the Clerk of the Court?

If you answered yes (you most likely did), the document contained metadata. In short, metadata is the information about the information contained within these documents. This information allows various programs to work with the different file formats and provide us a means to locate the file later.

Practical Tip: Knowing Your Courtroom

A trial consists of a compilation of complex processes of courtroom procedures and rituals, which can often change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and can seem like a strange and mysterious world if you don’t know what those procedures and rituals are.

Since ritual and tradition play a large part in the trial process it is integral that as paralegals we make it our business to understand what those procedures are. I think one of the most important things we can do as Paralegals, once our case has reached the Courtroom, is to know the layout of the land. What I mean by this, is “Knowing your Courtroom” - being aware of your surroundings and its inhabitants.

Practical Tip: Transitioning to Paperless

Most law firms are transitioning to paperless these days.

Firm-wide scanning—or moving paper into a digital filing system—has some obvious benefits.

For one, less paper.

But most of all, going paperless leads also to more efficient access to information, more security, and a lot of space saving ...