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Blog: Top Five Reasons I Am a Legal Nerd

There is really no need to hide or be ashamed of the fact that I am a legal nerd. If you know me, work with me, or read my paralegal blog regularly, you already know it.

What makes me a legal nerd? Read on to find out:

1. I think legal research is fun.

Blog: Time Zone Tribulations

One of the best things about working as a virtual paralegal is that I get to work with really interesting people from all over Canada, the United States and even people who live in Europe! I have one client that is in the UK and I have people I occasionally need to liaise with contacts for my clients in some pretty far flung locations.

This can be really cool, BUT there is a caveat. It can be pretty challenging to work across multiple time zones.

Blog: 6 Ways to Find New Solutions, Energy and Zeal for your Personal and Professional Life

I am writing this article from my hotel room overlooking the city of Denver and the beautiful snow-capped mountains of Colorado. This business trip with my husband has reminded me how important it is for legal professionals to frequently step out of our normal every day perspective.

Blog: For-Profit College: Friend or Foe

It is hard to avoid news and blog articles these days about for-profit colleges. For the most part, these businesses are written off by academics, politicians, and many students as scams created to take advantage of potential students.

Blog: Why I Love My Job

Someone who wished to stay anonymous stated that my blog presented the not-so-pretty side of being a paralegal. As I look back through my posts, I suppose that’s true to some extent. Perhaps it’s about time for me to talk about why I love my job so much.

Blog: Intro to Paralegal Practice and Ethics

I am two weeks into my first paralegal course ~ Introduction to Paralegal Practice and Ethics. I didn’t want to wait until the Fall quarter to take my first paralegal course, so I opted for the condensed five and a half week online course given in the summer. This course moves quickly and I haven’t had much time to catch my breath, but I wanted to tell you what we’ve accomplished so far.