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Blog: Winter Is Coming ... Easy Ways to Energize Yourself and Lighten Up the Office Atmosphere

As the days are getting shorter and we are approaching the Holiday season, working in a closed office space is often more challenging during this time of the year than at any other time.

Everything seems to take more energy, maybe simply because there is less sunlight or because the temperatures are increasingly lower. In any case, it seems that Fall is the season where making the office space more fun can make the most difference.

Paralegal Gift Ideas

Paralegal Life: Women Legal Professionals Have Slightly Higher Divorce Rates Than Their Male Counterparts

A study by Law Professor Robin Fretwell Wilson of Washington & Lee University, based on a National Science Foundation survey of more than 100,000 professionals, shows that young female legal professionals have slightly higher divorce rates than their male counterparts.

According to Prof. Wilson's study and reporting of the the Wall Street Journal on this study,

"Women with legal [...] degrees divorce less often than those with only bachelor's degrees, but are still more likely to divorce or separate than their male counterparts."

Newsletter: The Best of Volume 1 Now Available on Kindle

—— The New Legaco Express Book ——
Proud announcement: responding to popular demand (thank you!), the best articles of Volume 1 of the newsletter are now available on Amazon Kindle!

The purpose of the Kindle book is to make it the most convenient possible for you to take the Legaco Express with you on vacation (I have been told, it is best read on a sunny beach!) or business trips and to keep the best articles forever in an organized and handy way.

Tips and Advice on How to Advance Your Paralegal Career - Volume 1 (The Legaco Express for Paralegals)

UPDATE: Already in the top 5 of Amazon's Top 100 Best Sellers in Paralegals & Paralegalism!

The Legaco Express for Paralegals Celebrates Its 1st Anniverary

Happy 4th of July to all of our readers!

Although we have been disrupted by the "derecho"-type storm that hit the Mid-Atlantic region last Friday, we are in great spirits and couldn't be happier thanks to the incredible response that you, colleagues and fellow members of the paralegal profession, have afforded our newsletter and blog over the last 12 months!

Video: Legal Ethics and Twitter

Old rules, new tools: the challenge of social media for legal professionals.

Are there any ethical concerns raised by legal professionals’ use of Twitter?

Interesting answers by Robert J. Ambrogi, a Massachusetts lawyer, writer and media consultant.

Event: 31st Annual Conference - AAfPE

AAfPE's 31st Annual Conference, October 10-13, 2012, will be held in Savannah, Georgia.

Practical Tip: Transitioning to Paperless

Most law firms are transitioning to paperless these days.

Firm-wide scanning—or moving paper into a digital filing system—has some obvious benefits.

For one, less paper.

But most of all, going paperless leads also to more efficient access to information, more security, and a lot of space saving ...

Career Tip: How to Move Up

As paralegals, we make our living by supporting others. Some of us work for a solo practitioner, others for an entire team of lawyers. But how to ensure one's own career progress when the main goal is to support others?

A Life Story: Military Paralegal

Next month marks my nineteenth year in the service. For fourteen of those years I have served as a military paralegal. I have spent more time as a military paralegal than as a civilian paralegal.

Info: New features for the Legaco Express - Let us know what you think!

Today, we are proud to announce a few new features in order to make the website more immediate and more interactive for our subscribers.

Here is what is new:

  • Blog: the best of the paralegal blogosphere and more in one place
  • Related content, popular content, and more context on every page
  • A directory of the blog contributors with individual profiles

More is coming soon!