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Blog: Whistle While You Work

This post will have nothing to do with advice. I simply want to talk about something that helps me work harder and longer.

Indexing, cite checking, and formatting are not the most exciting things in the world, but I look at those tasks as a time in my day to relax.


It’s easier for me to concentrate if I have noise (maybe it’s that Gen Y, multitasking thing), so I take the opportunity to close my office door (or put in headphones) and jam out a little. I’ve also been known to dance to the copy room as well.


Today I listened to LegalTalkNetwork while I cite checked and caught up on all kinds of legal news. While music is the fun option, legal podcasts can be incredibly productive.


Books on tape. And by tape, I mean iTunes.

What’s the Point Exactly?

Enjoying those moments and lightening the mood, can make all the difference in my day. It’s the paralegal’s version of a siesta. Except I’m working. I’m just whistling while I do it.

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