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New Technology Series: Repositories & Trial Presentation Software

Repositories & Trial Presentation Software: Why Use Them and How to Use Them Efficiently.

—— Repositories - Safe keeping or Preservation ——

Wikipedia defines a Repository as commonly referring to a location for storage, often for safety or preservation.

As a paralegal one of our fundamental tasks is to be the custodian of the information related to the file. That information must be kept safe.

We hope that the servers in our office, our jump drives, CDs, etc., are valid methods of maintaining that information but I challenge to take a look at repositories and learn how to utilize them for your needs.

In my firm we utilize the repositories kept by Esquire Deposition Services, they keep all of our video and depositions transcripts safe video (note: Since they maintain it, this service is limited to storage of the video and depositions taken by Esquire’s court reporters and videographers).

If I am out of the office, I can grab information from their repository quicker than I can from my own electronic file.

—— Trial Presentation Software ——

Last but not least, as technology changes, jurors change. Paralegals need to learn Trial Presentation Software. The days of putting up evidence in court using a foam board are slowly fading into the past.

Jurors now-a-days want to see cases presented in a smart, interesting manner and that is why, a modern presentation at trial is so vital.

There are many companies out there that offer this service, such as: Trial Director, Sanctions, ExhibitView, LegalCloud, etc. Do your homework and learn how best to present your case at trial.

Please note that the next post in this New Technology Series will be published next week!

Ms. Sherry Kubanyi received her B.A. in Political Science and has worked as a paralegal for plaintiffs and defense firms throughout the State of Georgia for over 15 years.