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Blog: Top Five Reasons I Am a Legal Nerd

There is really no need to hide or be ashamed of the fact that I am a legal nerd. If you know me, work with me, or read my paralegal blog regularly, you already know it.

What makes me a legal nerd? Read on to find out:

1. I think legal research is fun.

You heard me correctly – I like to do research. I enjoy unraveling the issues of a case and finding out what the judicial system has to say about them. When you cut through the legal jargon, cases are just stories about people. Someone has usually misbehaved in the story which makes it even more interesting. Who needs reality TV when you work in the legal world?

2. I am grammatically paranoid and stickler for detail.

I have a natural inclination toward detailed work and I like grammar. Now, to be clear, “I am NOT the grammarian about whom your mother warned you.” You will find errors in every blog post I have ever written. At times I intentionally break the rules of Strunk and White when blogging, but not in my legal writing. I enjoy learning tips and tricks for better use of language and grammar, but I am also fascinated by the new culture of professional writing growing in the blogosphere.

3. I have a weakness for legal drama.

I am going to date myself here, but my first favorite non-cartoon TV show was LA Law. I don’t watch a lot of TV now, but when I need to veg I usually browse for Law & Order reruns, or the most recent episode of The Good Wife. I can happily plow through a John Grisham novel in a weekend. Legal movies are some of my favorites with A Time To Kill at the top of the list.

4. I have a strong sense of justice.

I am not the first born in my family, but I see things in black and white / right and wrong. I tend to score highly in altruism on personality tests so I truly enjoy helping people, especially those I believe have been innocently wronged. This attribute lends itself nicely to the legal field and specifically to pro bono work.

5. I am a believer in the American Justice System.

I hope you did not roll your eyes at this one. I know the system is not perfect, but it does its job. The judicial system brings consistency and stability to our society as a whole. I see our legal system working day in and day out in the lives of ordinary Americans. The courtroom failures the media feeds on are the exceptions, not the rule.

So, are you a legal nerd like me? What makes you one? There are plenty of you out there, I even know some of your names. Don’t be ashamed, I would love to hear from you and find out what makes you a legal nerd.

Misty L. Sheffield is a freelance paralegal helping solos and small law firms in civil litigation. She has been assisting attorneys for over 12 years.

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