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Blog: For-Profit College: Friend or Foe

It is hard to avoid news and blog articles these days about for-profit colleges. For the most part, these businesses are written off by academics, politicians, and many students as scams created to take advantage of potential students.

Blog: Why I Love My Job

Someone who wished to stay anonymous stated that my blog presented the not-so-pretty side of being a paralegal. As I look back through my posts, I suppose that’s true to some extent. Perhaps it’s about time for me to talk about why I love my job so much.

Blog: Intro to Paralegal Practice and Ethics

I am two weeks into my first paralegal course ~ Introduction to Paralegal Practice and Ethics. I didn’t want to wait until the Fall quarter to take my first paralegal course, so I opted for the condensed five and a half week online course given in the summer. This course moves quickly and I haven’t had much time to catch my breath, but I wanted to tell you what we’ve accomplished so far.