The Exclusive Newsletter for the Paralegal Community.

Jan Hill

As a freelance writer, I'm not one dimensional.

I have an English, journalism, and legal background, and have worked for large corporations, small businesses, and as a sole-proprietor of my own business. Some of the things that set me apart from other writers include:

I'm an entrepreneur and an expert at reinventing myself. I have successfully made several complete career changes.

I am 100% deadline compliant and passionate about writing clear, concise copy.

I have experience in many industries, including print journalism, education, business, law, state government, and cosmetology.

I love to write about education as well as educate readers through my writing.

My unique and varied experience gives me the knowledge and perspective to write about many diverse topics. I transform complex information into text that is interesting and easy to understand.

I have written hundreds of pieces for daily newspapers, magazines, websites, eBooks, career reports, newsletters, video scripts, and on my personal writing blog,