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Issue 7, Vol. 2, July 2012
With big law firms increasingly threatened, models with compensation guarantees afforded to partners and senior associates are increasingly under scrutiny. And so are the models for paralegal compensation.
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Today's pace of life makes it difficult to stop to reflect, and even less to find and read meaningful books. At the same time, it is almost impossible to grow professionally without books. We sat down to find the 10 most essential paralegal books for this summer, and even decided to publish one of our own to make last year's top articles and insights even more easily and comfortably available.
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An insightful look at how Paralegal Specialists provide legal/administrative support in areas of criminal law, family law, international law, contract law and fiscal law. Assisting judges, Army lawyers and unit commanders with legal matters and judicial work, the Army's Paralegal Specialists play an important role in the military justice system.
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On June 15th, the WA State Supreme Court approved the rule which creates a new legal service provider category named Limited License Legal Technician. Supported by the WA State Paralegal Association, this new rule allows trained professionals to provide limited legal services and improve access to quality legal assistance.
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