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Issue 9, Vol. 2, September 2012
The Legaco Express is launching The American Paralegal Journalâ„¢ to help facilitate the sharing of research papers, theses, and in-depth topical articles within the paralegal community.
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 Source: Mark Thorton "Skyscrapers and Business Cycles"
A few months ago, we launched the Blogroll feature on our blog, publishing the best of the paralegal "blogosphere" in one place to help make all paralegals benefit from the hard work that paralegal bloggers put in to serve the community and to demonstrate how useful blogging can be to broadcast information while developing a personal brand as a paralegal.
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With a stagnant economy, skyrocketing undergraduate and graduate schools tuition, and uncertainty in all sectors of not only the legal job market, but the wider employment picture in general, the burden of student loan debt is starting to hurt a generation of young paralegal graduates.
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Most rules of etiquette and their related dress codes exist to facilitate the smooth and orderly, if not automatic, functioning of a complex society. While designed to insure respect of authority maintaining dignity for and within a profession, the dress code can be a headache, too, as many paralegals know.
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