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The Legaco Express for Paralegals
Issue 7, Vol. 1, October 2011
Australia's largest, oldest, and liveliest city is built between the land and the sea, and so combines the best of two worlds: seaside pleasures intertwine with urban activities, all in a glamorous and cosmopolitan setting.
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The number of paralegals participating in social media is on the rise. But, as the number of legal professionals using social media continues to increase, so too does the number of stories of legal professionals succumbing to the traps that using these new-found means of communications bring with them.
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With budget restrictions almost everywhere and little hiring in view, there is strong pressure on paralegals to put in more hours and work from anywhere at pretty any much time. This article explores the challenges and solutions for working on the road.
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Today it is tougher than ever to ask for and obtain more compensation. The name of the game can be summed up as improving our negotiation skills and learning how we can effectively carve out wise agreements without damaging the relationship with our managers.
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