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The Legaco Express for Paralegals
Issue 11, Vol. 1, December 2011
In her interview with the Legaco Express, Amy Guy shares insights into her career, and the paralegal profession as a whole, and talks about her role as President of the Paralegal Section at the Orlando County Bar Association.
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In an ever more virtual world where more and more hardware and software are available to make our lives more efficient and connected, we take a look at how virtual teams can create a win-win situation for everybody involved. In a now global and networked world, with increasing pressure to improve productivity, we find ourselves at the true advent of virtual teams in the legal professions.
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Lawyers have a unique and highly technical manner of writing, one that differs significantly from standard English. One of the things that lawyers love is capitalization. This goes for pleadings, discovery, requests, briefs, contracts, you name it.
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Negotiating the best possible salary can be intimidating, as the fear of losing an opportunity may linger in the background. However, if a law firm or a legal department has made an offer, they obviously are very interested in you. They might say you no to your increased salary request but it is unlikely that they will simply retract their offer.
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