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Special Edition | The Legaco Journal for Paralegals | Edition 2
The Legaco Journal for Paralegals
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Issue 3, Vol. 3, March 2013
Internet users are often confused in their internet searches resulting from trademark misuse in metatags and keyword banner advertisements, which may constitute pro se trademark infringement.
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Even if the fundamental right to trade across borders has been specifically recognized by the WTO system, it is still only indirectly protected as an individual right. This paper explores new procedures to facilitate the assertion of the individual right to trade across borders by private parties.
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Legal research may include finding a form, locating a rule, identifying a statute, gaining background information on a regulation. If years ago, legal research was a book-based process, nowadays, thanks to the Internet and progress in search technology, an entire universe of information is available.
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The authors of this book see the financial and economic crisis of 2008 as a fire that continues to destroy many aspects of the legal services industry. Legal professionals are generally "risk-averse" and are therefore at risk of failing to respond to the changes that are currently underway.
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