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Career Tip: How to Ace a Performance Review Interview

For most paralegals, performance review interviews can be a time of stress and fear, with supervising lawyers spending only 10 minutes on the interviews, providing reports with no specific feedback, basing their opinion on the most recent events, or forgetting to recognize their paralegals when they do a good job.

Interview with Author Charlsye Smith Diaz, PhD

The Legaco Express for Paralegals (LEX):

1. As the coordinator for Technical and Professional Writing at the University of Maine, what do you recommend to paralegals do to improve their writing skills?

Charlsye Smith Diaz:

Paralegals tend to be very good writers, but sometimes working alongside attorneys who had worked for three years in law school to sharpen their own writing skills can be intimidating.

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) can help a single case not only in many different ways but can also be helpful in many different types of cases.

From acting as a liaison between legal professionals, medical professionals, and clients; the LNC can screen cases for validity, educate the legal team regarding case issues, research key points to assist in the accumulation of evidence, obtain, review, and analyze records; prepare summaries, chronologies, and exhibits; define standards of care applicable to cases of negligence; and provide support in the development of questioning in depositions, discovery, trials, and other proceedings.

Video: 5 Body Language Mistakes That Can Cost the Job

You have sent in a perfect resume and flawless cover letter listing all your paralegal credentials. You have been invited to an interview. You have researched the firm and have prepared brilliant responses to all tough interview questions you could think of. Then, the interview went well, but still you were not selected.

Thinking about these 5 body language factors brings to mind that, in a job interview, it's likely that your body language will have more of an impact on the interviewer than anything you say.

Newsletter: The Best of Volume 1 Now Available on Kindle

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Proud announcement: responding to popular demand (thank you!), the best articles of Volume 1 of the newsletter are now available on Amazon Kindle!

The purpose of the Kindle book is to make it the most convenient possible for you to take the Legaco Express with you on vacation (I have been told, it is best read on a sunny beach!) or business trips and to keep the best articles forever in an organized and handy way.

Tips and Advice on How to Advance Your Paralegal Career - Volume 1 (The Legaco Express for Paralegals)

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Video: 5 Ways To Invest In Your Paralegal Career

Learn the best steps for investing in your paralegal career so that you reach your goals.

1. Pursue certification,

Blog: How to Anticipate and React to a Layoff

The scenario: It’s 10:00 a.m. on a Friday morning and your employer says to you, “Would you step into my office please?”

In the office your boss and someone from Human Resources politely tell you that the company has to down size due to the economy. Or that your position is being eliminated in a consolidation. Or, you are included in a mass layoff.

Career Tip: How to Move Up

As paralegals, we make our living by supporting others. Some of us work for a solo practitioner, others for an entire team of lawyers. But how to ensure one's own career progress when the main goal is to support others?

Video: 3 Tips to Advance Your Paralegal Career

“One of the top complaints I hear from paralegals is that their supervising attorneys are not utilizing the paralegal’s full potential. This scenario leads to boredom, frustration, and low job satisfaction. It is a lose-lose, for the paralegal and the firm.”