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Practical Tips

Blog: Office Software Is Evolving, Are You Ready?

The Office software suite is changing! If you haven’t heard, Microsoft is really pushing the new Office 365, which is all of our old standbys from the Office Suite now delivered on a subscription basis, rather than purchasing that familiar box with the software on CD in it. Along with the standard programs, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc., is cloud integration, meaning you can access the software as well as your documents created and edited in them from any computer or connected device.

Video: Will Social Media Change How We Litigate?

Are Facebook and Twitter a good place to find defendants for service of process? Probably. Service via email and social media may be an economical and effective option for serving process on foreign parties, or even domestic parties that are otherwise difficult to track down by traditional means. However, the authenticity of user accounts and proof that users have actually opened or seen the relevant message remain a key issue.

Blog: Why I Discourage Phone Calls. Should You?

I’ve had a couple of people mention the fact that my phone number isn’t so easy to find on my Clerical Advantage website. It’s true, I only have my number listed in one place on my site, and although it’s kind of a no-brainer place to look for it, some folks expect it to be front and center. I’ll let you in on a little secret, it ain’t gonna happen. Why? Because I tend to discourage phone calls. I know, it may sound crazy, but keep reading and you may decide that you should be discouraging them too.

Blog: Ethical Guidelines for Potential New Client Inquiry

Most law firms have a procedure to follow concerning legal inquiries from a potential new client. Even with a solo to small law firm, the attorney is most likely not going to answer the incoming calls to obtain the general information surrounding a potential new client’s legal inquiry. The legal support staff will typically be responsible for obtaining the basic facts for the attorney.

Blog: Paralegal Studies Being Taught in a Virtual Classroom

Nearly a year ago I completed a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies. Having worked in business accounting for twenty-plus years, I was comfortable with my career; that is, until the housing market crashed. Like many working adults, the unstable economy gave me reason to reposition myself in an ever-changing job market. Yet for most adults with longstanding careers, changing careers or adding new skills meant going to college. For those who have full time jobs, family responsibilities, or both, attending college may seem impossible. However, distant learning has provided many adult learners with an accepted, quality education in a virtual classroom.

Blog: Ethical Walls

When a firm hires a paralegal who has worked for opposing counsel or an opposing client, the entire firm should be notified that an ethical wall is to be erected around the paralegal and that no one may do the following:

Blog: Legal Research: Going Beyond Legal Terminology

One of the many specialized tasks a paralegal performs is legal research. Our extensive training comprises of (but no limited too) research planning, generating keyword search terms and phrases, understanding primary and secondary sources, and knowing how case laws are recorded. Research today is typically performed electronically, via the internet. Consequently, paralegal research training has become extensive, that is, beyond the scope of legal terminology. Performing organic searches on the internet (on any given topic) requires a paralegal to have knowledge in search engine optimization or (SEO), and applying Boolean Logic.

Blog: Winter Is Coming ... Easy Ways to Energize Yourself and Lighten Up the Office Atmosphere

As the days are getting shorter and we are approaching the Holiday season, working in a closed office space is often more challenging during this time of the year than at any other time.

Everything seems to take more energy, maybe simply because there is less sunlight or because the temperatures are increasingly lower. In any case, it seems that Fall is the season where making the office space more fun can make the most difference.

Paralegal Gift Ideas

New Technology Series: Repositories & Trial Presentation Software

Repositories & Trial Presentation Software: Why Use Them and How to Use Them Efficiently.

—— Repositories - Safe keeping or Preservation ——

Wikipedia defines a Repository as commonly referring to a location for storage, often for safety or preservation.

As a paralegal one of our fundamental tasks is to be the custodian of the information related to the file. That information must be kept safe.

New Technology Series: The Smart Phone for Paralegals

Smartphones, including the BlackBerry and iPhone, have become widely used tools for lawyers and paralegals who require a mobile platform for instant communication and an on-the-go access to information; today, in some instances, smartphones can even stand in for a laptop given the multitude of applications that are now available available. Indeed, a smartphone can be a lifesaving tool if you are in a situation where you do not have access to a laptop, iPad or gasp! - a hornbook.