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Blog: Electronic Briefs: Hyperlinking Your Way to A Positive Outcome

A few months ago, one of my attorney clients called on his way home from a hearing to discuss the briefing schedule the judge had outlined for our case.  The judge had also clearly indicated his preference for electronic briefs with hyperlinks to the cited legal authorities.  I docketed the briefing deadline and began to research the additional steps required to provide the judge exactly what he wanted.

Saying Goodbye to Sami K. Hartsfield, ACP

This article was written by Pamela Starr and first published on her blog "Pamela The Paralegal" on July 6, 2012.

The paralegal industry mourns the loss of one of its shining stars – Sami K. Hartsfield, ACP who had also been kind enough to contribute to this blog.

Practical Tip: What’s the “Meta” with You?

Have you recently sent an email to opposing counsel or electronically filed a document with the Clerk of the Court?

If you answered yes (you most likely did), the document contained metadata. In short, metadata is the information about the information contained within these documents. This information allows various programs to work with the different file formats and provide us a means to locate the file later.

Video: 5 Ways To Invest In Your Paralegal Career

Learn the best steps for investing in your paralegal career so that you reach your goals.

1. Pursue certification,

Blog: Whistle While You Work

This post will have nothing to do with advice. I simply want to talk about something that helps me work harder and longer.

Indexing, cite checking, and formatting are not the most exciting things in the world, but I look at those tasks as a time in my day to relax.

Practical Tip: Knowing Your Courtroom

A trial consists of a compilation of complex processes of courtroom procedures and rituals, which can often change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and can seem like a strange and mysterious world if you don’t know what those procedures and rituals are.

Since ritual and tradition play a large part in the trial process it is integral that as paralegals we make it our business to understand what those procedures are. I think one of the most important things we can do as Paralegals, once our case has reached the Courtroom, is to know the layout of the land. What I mean by this, is “Knowing your Courtroom” - being aware of your surroundings and its inhabitants.

Blog: How to Anticipate and React to a Layoff

The scenario: It’s 10:00 a.m. on a Friday morning and your employer says to you, “Would you step into my office please?”

In the office your boss and someone from Human Resources politely tell you that the company has to down size due to the economy. Or that your position is being eliminated in a consolidation. Or, you are included in a mass layoff.

Blog: Five Things to Learn During (and After) Paralegal School

Writing is refreshing.

As often happens, the article that I just finished writing not only introduced me to some new concepts but also reinforced what I’ve already learned. Funny how that happens, even when writing in a familiar niche. That’s what I like most about writing – it provides continuing “life education credits” that everyone can use once in a while, no matter what their profession is.

Book Review: Law School Labyrinth by Steve Sedberry, Esq.

Thinking about going to law school or preparing to enter one next fall? Then one of the items on your to-do list should be to pick up a copy of Law School Labyrinth: A Guide to Making the Most out of Your Legal Education by Steve Sedberry, Esq. I read this terrific book and shall explain in detail why those contemplating law school don’t want to miss out on all the indispensable information inside!

Blog: Downsizing

I have downsized.

Oh, I don’t mean my paycheck, although for the time being while I’m getting my business going, that’s true too. (Just you wait . . . I’ll be back making the medium bucks again any time now!)