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The Legaco Journal for Paralegals

The Legaco Journal for Paralegals is the first journal uniquely dedicated to the publication of theses and papers written by paralegals.

The Legaco Journal for Paralegals is designed to provide a means of showcasing the results of research carried out by paralegals in academia and record their writing achievements.

The main mission of the Journal is to publish a professional periodical devoted to issues of interest for paralegals in general and that can be of use for the practicing professional, as well as for paralegal students.

The Legaco Journal for Paralegals is published on a bimonthly basis and contain articles, essays, and book reviews, as well as notes and comments, authored by paralegals.

It is made available online and can be received by email through a free subscription.

Publication in The Legaco Journal for Paralegals make the writings published (if they are not already published otherwise) and findable, likely read by other paralegals, especially those doing research or looking for well-founded answers to specific questions, and provide an official publication date and reference where appropriate.

The success of the Journal will be contingent upon the individual thoroughness and dedication of its writers. The goal is to attract and collect a portfolio of strong, varied articles, presenting valid and solid arguments that will appeal to varied critical readers.

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